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Seeing the lack of ancestor works of the fandoms, I decided to make some UuU 

Ancestor Preacher - Homestuck’s Ancestor
>Typically a limeblood, therefore was an outcast since most of the fandoms bled red. He wanders around the world wherever the fandoms are, trying to introduce Homestuck in their lives, thus earning him a good amount of kismesis-es. Basically starts his preachings with: “Let me tell you about Homestuck…” In the end, he was killed by the Ferreer (Supernatural’s Ancestor) per order of the ruling fandoms and/or majority of the fandoms
>Known to be in Kismesis with: The Wanderer/The Oppugner (Hetalia’s Ancestor) & The Ferreer (Supernatural’s Ancestor), more or less everybody

Ancestor Follower/Kiddhero - Adventure Time’s Ancestor
>One of the only few who believed and followed Preacher’s ways. He became his apprentice and right hand man albeit being far younger than him (since he was a relatively new fandom at that time). Bled red. He had developed red-rom feelings for Preacher but they were unnoticed. When the decree to hunt and take down Preacher, the Preacher had hidden Follower in a tree that he used to live in and asked him to continue his teachings. After Preacher’s death, Follower worked hard in spreading his teachings to the world, even gaining a lot as he did. Add to that, he also did good deeds, becoming Kiddhero.
>In moirails with The Wayfarer (Regular Show’s Ancestor}

Might do The Wanderer/The Oppugner, The Ferreer, and The Great Medium (Gunnerkrigg Court’s Ancestor) next. UuU*

Ancestors: Homestuck + Adventure Time | Gunnerkrigg Court | Supernatural | Sherlock + Doctor Who | Sonic + Regular Show

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